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Subject: Re: Physicists and mathematicians

Author: Guido Schimmels

Date: 04:53:59 08/20/98

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On August 19, 1998 at 08:36:08, Peter Fendrich wrote:

>Well maybe we don't know the same type of guys. There are physicians and there
>are physicians as well as for the math-guys...
>In my profession I mostly get in touch with engineers and that's another story
>completely! They would certainly solve this but start thinking about what would
>*really* happen here. The dog is say 1 meter in length and can't possible run 8
>miles/h when it's only 3 meters left to run and furthermore when it's 1 meter
>left he cant run at all. The answear should be 10 miles minus 1 meter minus some
>decreasing factor for the last few meters. Let's try it in the lab! And so on...

Ouch, you got me ! :-) :-)

- Guido -

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