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Subject: Re: Ruffian 0.76 is still playing incredible strong!

Author: pavel

Date: 15:49:42 09/19/02

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On September 19, 2002 at 18:33:37, Chessfun wrote:

>On September 19, 2002 at 18:21:10, pavel wrote:
>>On September 19, 2002 at 18:06:32, Uri Blass wrote:
>>>>>>>That's the point.  I can't imagine someone working on an engine, in a vacuum,
>>>>>>>for a decade, before anyone finds out about it.  I can't imagine anyone writing
>>>>>>>a program in 6 months that would come close to beating _any_ top program.
>>>>>>>Anything is possible, I will agree.  But the probability is so low that it
>>>>>>>will make people wonder...
>>>>>>I hope you realize that you have essentially *publicly* leveled an accusation
>>>>>>without presenting any evidence. I would prefer in such cases that either an
>>>>>>investigation be conducted discretely or a wait and see policy be followed.
>>>>>I haven't leveled _any_ accusation whatsoever.  I asked a direct question,
>>>>>pointing out what has happened in the past.  I have _not_ said that this
>>>>>program is a "clone" or anything else, and you can feel free to find some-
>>>>>thing I wrote that does make that claim...
>>>>>As I said previously, I find it _hard_ to believe that a newcomer would be
>>>>>that strong.  _not_ impossible, just _unlikely_.  I stand by that...  If some-
>>>>>one takes that the wrong way, fine by me...
>>>>No offense.
>>>>But you had the same impression when YACE came out.
>>>Yace first release was clearly wekaer than yace of today.
>>Yes I know that.
>>But the time between the first released version of Yace and the last version of
>>Yace was very short, if you consider the increase in strenth.
>>It was when Yace starting doing as good (or even better) that Bob thought it was
>>a crafty clone.
>>Later Dann verified himself and convinced Bob.
>Hi Pavel,
>        It's my honest hope that in this case someone will also be able to do
>the same thing as Dann with Yace. Ruffian has been rumored to be a Crafty clone
>on ICC for some time and I don't doubt Dr. Hyatt has heard those rumors.

Hi Sarah,
         I am not arguing on whether Ruffian is a crafty clone or not, and I
will not put my life onthe line for it, as I know little about the program.
What I am arguing about is that, it is possible to increase the playing strength
of a program in a short time.
And there is no need to think that every strong new program is a crafty clone.

However, there are some reasons that I think Ruffian is not a crafty clone.

1) It is a UCI/Winboard engine, crafty only supports Winboard.
2) It is perticipating in Leo's tournament, if anything looks suspecious about a
program, the first person I expect to find out is Leo. As he really goes in to
the details of a chess program before adding it to his tournament.
3) Beside Leo, several other testers, including Frank, is testing this program,
   One of this tester includes a programmer, Benny (sorry forgot full name).
4) It's results indicate that it is atleast 100-150 elo better than Crafty/Yace.

pavs ;)

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