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Subject: Re: Ruffian 0.76 is still playing incredible strong!

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 17:50:44 09/19/02

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On September 19, 2002 at 20:16:29, pavel wrote:

>On September 19, 2002 at 20:02:44, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>On September 19, 2002 at 18:21:10, pavel wrote:
>>>On September 19, 2002 at 18:06:32, Uri Blass wrote:
>>>>>>>>That's the point.  I can't imagine someone working on an engine, in a vacuum,
>>>>>>>>for a decade, before anyone finds out about it.  I can't imagine anyone writing
>>>>>>>>a program in 6 months that would come close to beating _any_ top program.
>>>>>>>>Anything is possible, I will agree.  But the probability is so low that it
>>>>>>>>will make people wonder...
>>>>>>>I hope you realize that you have essentially *publicly* leveled an accusation
>>>>>>>without presenting any evidence. I would prefer in such cases that either an
>>>>>>>investigation be conducted discretely or a wait and see policy be followed.
>>>>>>I haven't leveled _any_ accusation whatsoever.  I asked a direct question,
>>>>>>pointing out what has happened in the past.  I have _not_ said that this
>>>>>>program is a "clone" or anything else, and you can feel free to find some-
>>>>>>thing I wrote that does make that claim...
>>>>>>As I said previously, I find it _hard_ to believe that a newcomer would be
>>>>>>that strong.  _not_ impossible, just _unlikely_.  I stand by that...  If some-
>>>>>>one takes that the wrong way, fine by me...
>>>>>No offense.
>>>>>But you had the same impression when YACE came out.
>>>>Yace first release was clearly wekaer than yace of today.
>>>Yes I know that.
>>>But the time between the first released version of Yace and the last version of
>>>Yace was very short, if you consider the increase in strenth.
>>>It was when Yace starting doing as good (or even better) that Bob thought it was
>>>a crafty clone.
>>>Later Dann verified himself and convinced Bob.
>>I don't remember that happening, but if it did, Dann can refresh my
>>memory.  I have never claimed a program _was_ a clone without proof.  For
>>Le Petite I posted the proof here in CCC.  As I did for Voyager.  As I did
>>for Bionic Impact.  As I did for ...
>>>>>It is a fact that Yace came out of blue and became as strong as Crafty in a very
>>>>>short time.
>>>>>Same can be said about Aristarch, which also improved in a very short time.
>>>>Aristarch first release was clearly weaker than aristarch of today.
>>>>Aristarch also played before it was released in one of the CCT tournaments if I
>>>>remember correctly.
>>>Yes, true.
>>>But the time differance between the 2 versions were short, consider the playing
>>>Which goes on to say that it is very much possible to come up with a strong
>>>version in a short time.
>>>Nothing impossible, nothing hard to believe.
>>Again, this is _not_ the same thing.  Yace improved a lot, quickly.  But the
>>author was here participating in discussions, present on ICC, etc.  So he
>>didn't just "drop out of the sky".  When _that_ happens, suspicions are bound
>>to be tweaked...
>Actually, Dieter started posting in here and log in to ICC much later IIRC.
>At first he only used to post at winboard forum IIRC.
>Not that it has anything to do with anything. ;)
>When Yace came out, it did "drop out of the sky". :)
>He implemented winboard support, opening book and book learning, position
>learning and other nice features, in such a short time that it was almost
>We all first got to know about Yace from Dann Corbit.


Frank`s Chess Page, News Ticker Page 23:

New WinBoard Engine "Yace" by Dieter Buerssner is available !
Download under:  
(Dann Corbit`s FTP page) !
I don't have any further information for now !
Thanks Dieter and Dann !

Yace (Yet Another Chess Engine) now with *.ini configuration^file is available !
Yace is a new chess program by Dieter Buerssner !
Download under: (Dann Corbit`s FTP page) !
Message in WinBoard Forum under: !

Yet Another Chess Update ... YACU ... :-)
Sorry, but Yace (stands for Yet Another Chess Engine) is a good name for the
next free WinBoard Engine,
the 52nd or the 53rd compatible engine !
The night YACU was made public, Ozwald 0.42 by Jori Ostrovskij was too !
The programmer wrote in WinBoard Forum under:
1. !
2. !

Yace (program by Dieter Buerssner) detail page in German and English is ready.
Thanks Mogens Chr. Larsen for the translation !

Subjektiver Spieleindruck:
Es liegen mir nur sehr wenige Informationen zu Yace (Yet Another Chess Engine)
vor. Dieter schrieb mir, dass er vor ca. 8. Jahren mit der Schachprogrammierung
begonnen hat. Sein Programm geriet dann aber einige Jahre in Vergessenheit.
Bitte unbedingt die readme files von Dieter Buerssner lesen. Dieter Buerssner
führt dort alle Änderungen sehr schön auf.

Yace (Yet Another Chess Engine) is developing into a very strong computer chess
program. Probably somewhere between 2325-2375 ELO in strength and maybe even
higher, especially at blitz. Yace is a splendid addition to the growing number
of strong WinBoard programs that I have the pleasure of testing. The number of
features are increasing at the speed of light due to a fast, attentive and
communicative programmer. All in all it's a very recommendable program to
anyone, who likes to fiddle with chess program settings. Furthermore, if you
have any ideas about features worthy of implementation, please contact the
author, or post them at the WinBoard Forum.

Now the third Yace version, download under: (Dann Corbit`s FTP) !

A lot of interestings updates in the last 2 days !
01)  Yace (version 4 by Dieter Buerssner) under:
(Dann Corbit`s FTP) !

Yace 0.16 by Dieter Buerssner is available, Download Page 15 !
All information about new versions stand in the readme file of Dieter !
Important note:
The opening book is not new, but I added the complete program with the agreement
of Dieter in my webpage !
Thanks Dieter !

The updates today :-)
04. Yace 0.17 by Dieter Buerssner is available, Download Page 15 !
All information about the new version available in Dieter`s readme !

Updates today:
01. Yace 0.18 by Dieter Buerssner, Download Page 16 !
More information in the readme of Dieter !
The version tweaked by Dann Corbit under: !

Second Yace 0.18 version by Dann Corbit under: !
More information in WinBoard Forum under: !

A new opening book for Yace by Mogens Chr. Larsen is available !
Information in WinBoard Forum under: !

and so on :-)
Why not, all is possible, I mean a strong program from 0-100 ...
Read what Dieter Bürßner wrote in German ... started with chess programming 8
year befor he released Yace. He work not 8 years on years but Dieter have a long
time interest on chess programming !!

Information from my older detail page and news ticker pages.


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