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Subject: Re: Ruffian 0.76 is still playing incredible strong!

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 12:45:36 09/20/02

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On September 20, 2002 at 15:32:02, Chessfun wrote:

>On September 19, 2002 at 19:28:02, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>On September 19, 2002 at 19:05:01, Chessfun wrote:
>>>On September 19, 2002 at 18:55:53, Frank Quisinsky wrote:
>>>>On September 19, 2002 at 18:33:37, Chessfun wrote:
>>>>Hi Sarah,
>>>>rumors are normaly in media time.
>>>>Interesting are only facts.
>>>>German Newspaper publicity (focus):
>>>>Unsere Leser wollen ...
>>>>(Our readers will) ... in my bad English!
>>>>Fakten (facts), Fakten (facts) und (and) Fakten (facts) ...
>>>>A good publicity for this news magazine.
>>>>You can not get more facts if the program freely available.
>>>>Also fact :-)
>>>>We wait of this program, it's easy.
>>>>The playing styl is very tactical and Ruffian is strong with strategic
>>>>regroupings combinations, not to do with Crafty in my opinion.
>>>>I believe a little bit Junior's playing style, a little bit Gandalf, a little
>>>>bit AnMon, a little bit Hiarcs and we have ... Ruffian :-)
>>>>After my first impressions the program have Gandalf level or a little bit more
>>>>or less but all this is not important. The programs plays wonderful chess.
>>>>Replay the games. In 4 games I added comments, you must translate ...
>>>>That's the best publicity for this program.
>>>>And not rumors :-)
>>>     Personally I'm delighted that what is clearly a strong engine is to be
>>>available as a free engine and it's likely you deserve a lot of credit as well
>>>as the author in making it happen.
>>>I also agree that with it's soon release many, including myself will be able to
>>>test this program.
>>>Whether this is the right time/place to write of it's validity is as everything
>>>is always open to debate. I can however see a lot of Dr. Hyatts point
>>>particularly regarding previous clones.
>>>One question I do have is the version you've used and that Christian has been
>>>using is that the same as what will be the released version?.
>>Hi Sarah,
>>I am only a user which time.
>>What I make / made it not really important.
>>I can only help a little bit, for me are the all the programmers the kings in
>>this game. I am only a pawn on field a2 :-)
>>The combination Arena / with 5 strong partners is for me a big deal for amateur
>>chess. I have all chances to make a little bit publicity with the setup file for
>>amateur chess and must thanks to Martin Blume, Christian BARRETEAU, Bruno LUCAS,
>>Jean-Christophe GABILLARD and Per-Ola Valfridsson. Maybe next year I am a pawn
>>on field b2 ... I will work hard :-))
>>Enough ...
>>I can understand the postings from Robert Hyatt. I have a bad time with Voyager,
>>LaPetite (spend hours every day and don't saw that this program have sourcen
>>from Crafty). Long discuss and I must thinking on a mail which I sent the
>>programmer of Voyager with a copy to Bob, no answere of a clear question. Since
>>this time no contacts to Gabriele Müller.
>>But I am sure that Ruffian have not to do with Crafty.
>>All readers here can replay the games and can make analyses.
>>I cann't answer of your question. Christian Koch, Leo Dijksman and myself (but I
>>have not to many time) have version 0.76. The programmer will make different
>>things in the release version and is not complete ready.
>>We found a little bug in a UCI option.
>>So the programmer will fix it as soon as possible.
>>I think the most here are questions for the programmer and not for beta testers.
>      Copied from Arena, as far as I know this was added today under News
>"My problem is, that I have no letter for our new partner program Ruffian.
>But I hope you have fun on the new Arena Partner Logos!"
>What is the meaning of this paragraph?, that you don't have permission to put
>Ruffian with Arena 0.90 next week? or?


read also the file "About Arena".
We have a long time (start of this webpages) 4 partner programs. For every
partner engine a red letter.


You can read the red letters (= AreS) and you have the theme from our Arena

Now we have a new partner program (Ruffian) and I have not a red letter for
Ruffian :-)

So I wrote AreS in Ruffian logo ...
Perola have also a wunderful logo, available in our logo collection!

I think a nice idea for make later a little bit publicity with our wonderful
partner engines for people which find also the way to computer chess in the
future. Maybe not the best English in the message in our News Ticker. If you
have interest to make a correction please write me a short mail. I am very happy
if people write me if my English is not good enough.

I have a permission to added Ruffian in Arena Setup file if the engine ready for
take off.

Look UCI / WB Dragon 4.3 ...
Also a partner program and today available on the webpage by Leo Dijksman. The
same for Ruffian. If Leo have the realeased version from Perola Valfridsson he
added the engine on his webpage. Not to do with Arena ... we added the engine as
soon as possible in our setup files.

See my other messages ...
Thanks for your interest on Arena News Ticker!


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