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Subject: Re: The Computer-Chess Player And The Mathematician (was: Waltzing Matil

Author: fca

Date: 16:52:44 08/31/98

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On August 29, 1998 at 22:24:12, José de Jesús García Ruvalcaba wrote:

>On August 29, 1998 at 19:21:48, Serge Desmarais wrote:
>>So, since we know one is a boy (B), in 1/3 of the cases the second kid will be a
>>boy, in 1/3 of the cases it will be a girl (G) and in the last third of cases,
>>it will be ???   :)
>>Serge Desmarais
>No, in 2/3 of the cases it will be a girl.

I've deliberately kept out of this one till it ran its course... ;-)

José and Dan are completely correct.

Serge, I sympathize with your outrage at the absurdity: however, please direct
it not at the answer (1/3 is correct) but *AT THE QUESTION* :-)  In RL, it is
obvious some "ordering" would exist, hence 1/2 is the correct answer to any
sensible questions of the sort.  But the question asked made it clear there was
no ordering, and was a _bad_ question.  This is where I came in.

Kind regards


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