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Subject: Re: likelihood instead of pawnunits? + chess knowledge

Author: Ingo Lindam

Date: 16:20:44 10/25/02

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>I agree with Bob here. Somewhere in the program you must have a function
>to combine all the probabilities into a comparision with an other
>set of probabilities.
>In order to save yourselve loads of system time you could also implement
>that function into the evaluation function, in which case you only
>have to return an integer.
>Then you have again a chess engine working at the same way. Away probabilities.
>Just return an integer :)

Yes, at this point I have to agree as well... ofcourse to compare the
scores/probabilities of two positions I have to obtain a single score at this
moment. The advantage I see in following points:

a) I can in different situations change the function giving my score out of P+
and P= (and P-).

b) more important for me seems the aspect of having clearly interpretable scores
(also in the meaning of distinguishing draw positions and positions with equal

c) making decisions based on statistical laws

And btw probabilities and integers don't have to be the opposite. You can
ofcourse compare and add -log(p) instead of compare and multiply p.

Even more important for me was the suggestion of let the computer use its self
generated patterns derived from a huge data base of games.

Best regards and thank you for feedback.

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