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Subject: Re: likelihood instead of pawnunits? + chess knowledge

Author: Ingo Lindam

Date: 10:49:07 10/26/02

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On October 26, 2002 at 07:40:16, Josť Carlos wrote:

> Thanks for the example. Now I understand.
> I have thought about patters sometimes. The problem I've always found is: a
> pattern (in this context we're talking about) is a subset of the board. In an
> endgame position with few pieces you could probably use that scheme, but what > do you do in a midgame position full of pieces?
> If you use locality to determine the patterns (in your examples, all pieces
> are within the same area) you miss the action of sliding pieces from the
> distance. It could be possible to find the distant influencing pieces, and
> include them into the pattern... right?
> Josť C.

Oh well , I am particulary thinking of midgame positions. Not only subsets of
the board are possible pattern. A pattern of a position might be ofcourse a Kg1
or a Ph3 but also a R somewhere on the h file or a rook on any open file, the
number of pawns, Queens on board, having the pair of bishops, ... and ofcourse
also distances between a piece and an subset of the board or a particular
square. I will not stop the computer to find something important I did't think

But I am not very interested in patterns I can't find in my huge amount of games
or in patterns that don't tell me something about the probability whether game
will end in a win, draw or loss.


And with a, b being patterns also a||b and a&&b are pattern candidates.

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