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Subject: Re: Differences between 0x88 ,10x12 and Bitboards!?

Author: jefkaan

Date: 15:53:51 11/19/02

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Well,a 64bits machine still is nothing !
For the game of Go for example i then would
like to see a 361 bits machine :)
Presuming people in ComputerGo would be willing to program
with bitboards; guess not. Maybe for parts of the board,
but thats not good enough; for example, there exists
an excellent 'life and death' program which is very
good in Go 'tactics'; but only on small
board, not the official 19 * 19 board.

More generally, in artificial intelligence one needs
to translate certain knowledge and know-how to
a stupid computer, whether its in chess, go,
translating, face-recognition, or whatever.

Now as the hardware capabilities still increase
at a fast rate every decade and probably will
continue, imho the question is not who is able
to 'hack' the fastest (assembler||bitboard & Intel||AMD)
optimized code, but how to develop software tools  to
enable people to convert complicated human knowledge
and knowhow to a stupid thing as a computer. Obviously this
will take a lot of time and scientific effort but
will achieve more results in AI in future;
this irrespectively of asking ourselves who
is a good programmer or not, which
in fact is quite irrelevant,
best regards

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