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Subject: Re: Differences between 0x88 ,10x12 and Bitboards!?

Author: Anthony Cozzie

Date: 23:11:03 11/19/02

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On November 19, 2002 at 16:48:55, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>On November 19, 2002 at 16:36:23, Gian-Carlo Pascutto wrote:
>>On November 19, 2002 at 16:34:46, Russell Reagan wrote:
>>>On November 19, 2002 at 16:18:01, Gian-Carlo Pascutto wrote:
>>>>I don't think there's any way to prove that they are.
>>>>I don't think it's a good idea to spew nonsense arguments
>>>>in a fruitless attempt to convince someone who has another
>>>So in other words, you have just been a troll today.
>>No, I've been specifically attacking people making unjustified
>>claims they can never support with sound argumentation.
>I found one bit of data.
>Bruce compiled ferret on a pentium pro 200, and then on a 500mhz alpha.  He ran
>2.5X faster.
>I compiled Crafty on the same pentium pro 200 using the same compiler as bruce
>and then on the alpha using the same compiler again and I ran 3.5x faster.
>How would you explain that difference?
>Everything was the same for the two programs.  Same compiler.  Same processor.
>everything.  Except that Bruce used his 0x88 or whatever at the time, while I
>was using a
>bitmap.  This was in 1997, pretty early.  I ran on that machine for the 1997
>event.  Bruce used one of the cryo-machines at 767mhz that year...
>but 2.5X vs 3.5X has to come from somewhere.  Luck?  Or what?  I'm pretty sure I
>the answer.  That is a 40% improvement if I did my math right.  Which is in line
>with what
>most knowledgable people claim a bitmap program should do since not all
>instructions need
>64 bits of data (branches, loop counters, a few others).

/skepticism on
remember, there are many many many differences between the Alpha and the P6, not
just the fact that alpha is a 64 bit architechture.  Alpha is a true RISC,
different caches, page sizes, etc.
/skepticism off

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