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Subject: Mirage is worth a game or two...or more

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 18:09:34 09/14/98

Hi all:
Very short just to recomend all of you to take a look at the Vidanovic site and
get there the russian program Mirage. It is interesting to see  how he thinks
using some kind of selective search that produces a very variable counting of
nodes, going some time from less than 10 thousand to more than 30.Or jumping
from 5 to 13 plys, no intermediate stops. And it does not play badly at all.
With respect to other program there, called Rookie, it seems very soon it will
be another proponent in the commercial arena. High searching speed but a somehat
insipid play, but of course, as always, I am speaking from just speculative
ground as much as I have played just one game. But, as somebody else here, I
have the feeling that I have the feeling to measure a program just sniffing at
Get both and enjoy!

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