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Subject: Re: Doesn't appear to work for me (full data)

Author: Omid David Tabibi

Date: 14:29:42 11/21/02

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On November 21, 2002 at 17:21:53, Omid David Tabibi wrote:

>On November 21, 2002 at 17:10:14, Gian-Carlo Pascutto wrote:
>>On November 21, 2002 at 17:07:06, Omid David Tabibi wrote:
>>>Time to solution is not a common method in academic computer chess papers. It >is not generic enough, and is too program dependant to be scientifically
>>>Apart from a few exceptions, I have seen no other publication which discusses
>>>time to solution.
>>Yes, which is why nearly everything published in the ICCA journal
>>is completely worthless.
>You call ICGA worthless? Then you have to see the prestigious "Artificial
>Intelligence" journal. Pure theory, theory, impractical theory...
>The journal's name "AI" apparently stands for "Anything Impractical"... :-)

Impractical; except for the great articles from U of Alberta's GAMES group (e.g.

>>I can't understand the stupitidy in blindly
>>following this just because everyone else did.
>>As for the few exceptions, they are quite notable ones. The DTS
>>paper from Robert was one of them. It's also one of the very few
>>usefull articles.

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