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Subject: Re: ICGA publishing requirements

Author: Georg v. Zimmermann

Date: 05:10:31 11/22/02

Go up one level in this thread

>Write it up and send it to the ICGA.  Many of us review papers for them.  They
>just toss them in the can, they send them to 2-3-4 people to review, and then
>the author
>gets the feedback from the reviewers along with a recommendation "to publish" or
>"to publish after modifications"...

I might actually try. Thanks for the encouragement.

>> I doubt that the quality of the papers do matter
>>that much, otherwise all articles coming from any author who's program isnt in
>>the SSDF top 30 should get rejected immediately.
>That would be very short-sighted.  I can think of _many_ articles written by
>that fit the above, and thankfully they were not rejected...

Lets reformulate that. I wouldnt publish results of a new idea which was only
tested in a rather weak (like my) engine. I would always try to implement it in
stronger engines (like crafty) as well. If it works in both, there might
actually be some merit in it.

Of course there are some ideas which can't be tested by simply stuffing them
into a program.

Georg v. Zimmermann

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