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Subject: Re: Natural move generation with bitboards (was Re:significant math)

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 13:17:29 11/22/02

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On November 22, 2002 at 13:20:35, Gerd Isenberg wrote:

>>>To get an index eg. for history table or to get really the native square
>>>coordinates without bitscans, some hashkey-function may help, as Steffan already
>>>mentioned, that maps the two from and to bitboards to an integer range.
>>>I don't like div/mod, but had no better idea so far similar to Joel Veness
>>>proposal to extract bits from a bitboard:
>>>  (fromBB - toBB) mod 7961
>>>gives unique numbers for each possible move. But the range is rather huge. There
>>>should be something better...
>>You have to know this trick for it to work, you need to know directions here.
>I'm dreaming of a hell fast inline:
>  int func(BitBoard fromBB, BitBoard toBB)
>to get an unique integer value with the range of 1792 (or up 2048), where 3 bits
>indicate the direction (Ok the latter is not so important and i would also
>accept a range of 4096 :-)
>Then using a lookup table with from/to coordinates is a nice alternative to bit
>My best one so far with some shifts and signed mod (which i like to avoid) with
>6395 is a range from -6382..+6382, which is 12764/1792 or more than seven times
>so much space, my math skills are overemployed )-:

I'm stranded too, the best I have is finding the file (assuming 1 bit set only):


should be a number from 0-255 with an one-to-one mapping from with the file.

The rank is the other way, so it doesn't work that easily, perhaps some oddball



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