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Subject: Re: Natural move generation with bitboards (was Re:significant math)

Author: Steffan Westcott

Date: 16:08:27 11/22/02

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On November 22, 2002 at 12:52:54, Alessandro Damiani wrote:

>Steffan? You wrote someting you name SME? Does it include a SEE?

Yes, SME (Static Move Evaluation) is a generalisation of SEE where the first
move in the 'exchange search tree' is not necessarily a capture. The exchange
logic does have some gross simplifications (to constrain the large number of
possible exchange patterns) but the results work reasonably well.

SME is there when the other heuristics have dried up, so its not used
everywhere. Its designed to discourage 'obvious' daft moves like moving a piece
to a square attacked by an unpinned enemy pawn, or moving pieces away from a
co-ordinated attack, etc, and encourage 'obvious' sensible moves like developing
a piece, defending own king under attack, etc. SME is heavy, but its only there
to generate the first few 'plausible' moves, its not used throughout the entire
movelist, its not used on every search node, and much of its calculation (which
is a subset of a full position evaluation) is performed at most once per search
node, with much lighter processing per subsequent move suggestion.

Forgive me if I don't entertain any more questions on SME, I've probably said
enough for now and I have to have some secrets!


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