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Subject: Re: Book design

Author: scott farrell

Date: 06:59:00 11/28/02

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one other thing I play with time to time, is to let my program choose from the
book moves.

The idea is to pick the first few moves of the game semi random based on
weighted stats and etc. Then afer that you pick the best few moves from the book
based on stats, and use that as you move list from root, as if those were the
only legal moves. I give my program a smaller allotment of time, as theorically,
it cant make a bad choice. This way, you wont walk into any openings your
program cant understand in the given time limits, or walk into any blunders that
are in your book (it does happen). I found when my program "didnt understand"
the opening, when it was out of book the score was artifically low, becuase it
didnt understand what the the original GM was trying to do, so its initial move
(or 2) is to deconstruct the opening. ie. move you bishop back from say g6 to
somewhere safer, or more subtle, it finds itself in the middle of a gambit, and
tries to save the piece instead, or does not capitalize on the temp etc etc etc
.... not good.


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