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Subject: Re: A couple of suggestions

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 08:23:17 12/07/02

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On December 07, 2002 at 11:09:39, Edward Seid wrote:

>I've used "/debug" on the Winboard command line with no problems.
>You may wish to try one or both of the following:
>1- In Windows, try "Start - Find (or Search?) - Files or Folders -

It would find lot's of debug files, I have many winboard.exe and always debug
on, just never worked for me when playing on servers.
There are so many zippy switches beeing given at the same, so I would need
crystal clear instructions on WHERE to write -debug or /debug.

>2- With Winboard running, Ctrl-Alt-F12 toggles debug on/off.  Open Windows
>Explorer and navigate to directory
>G:\Fischer\Chess\Frenzee\Frenzee_ICC\winboard.exe.  Scroll to the bottom of the
>file list.  Then when your engine is playing, hit Ctrl-Alt-F12 to turn on debug
>and see if a new file is created.

It works, debug is now being written, and while connected to ICC no less -
amazing :)
I suppose I have to turn it on manually from now on then, that's okay, I just
need to see why it disconnects all the time.

>Hope that helps.

It did, thanks!!! :)


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