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Subject: Re: Chess servers and auto reconnect: suggestions and observations

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 11:37:32 12/08/02

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On December 08, 2002 at 08:59:00, Edward Seid wrote:

Hi, I think I found the cause, all my fault :)
Notice anything suspect about these lines from the winboard.debug? :)

6916225 >first : usermove 6916225 >first : g2h1
6916336 <first : score 3160
6916346 <first : sign 0
6916346 <first : tellics whisper Depth=11 Score=-3.14 Nodes=249547
Time=00:00:00,43 Nps=578995 PV=I
>ICS: whisper Depth=11 Score=-3.14 Nodes=249547 Time=00:00:00,43 Nps=578995 PV=I\032\021
>ICS: \012
6916346 <first : score 0
6916346 <first : sign 0
6916346 <first : move g6f7
>ICS: g6f7\012
Exiting: Connection closed by ICS
GameEnds(0, (null), 2)
Interrupting first
6916646 >first : quit

Looks like I was kibitzing garbage in the PV when getting a ponder hit, my guess
is that ICS couldn't handle it...
I'm 99% sure this is the problem.

I will try and make the batch thing work, thanks for explaining.
It's still nice to have it auto connect in any case. :)

>I did a little experimenting on my end.  I have a few suggestions and
>First, the suggestions.
>Suggestion 1 - The default Winboard installation directory is "C:\Program
>Files\WinBoard".  I suggest you put all batch files (FRENZEE.BAT) and additional
>configuration files (FRENZEE.INI, FRENZEE.LOGON) in that directory.  I suspect
>that you have batch files floating around in other places, such as your desktop
>or root directory.  The big giveaway is when you quoted your original
>commandline in an earlier post. You called Winboard with a fully qualified path
>from the root, instead of simply 'winboard'.  The problem of not being able to
>find debug files will be solved once you limit your batch and configuration
>files to this one directory.  If you wish to keep old debug files, remember to
>rename them as you go along because the default debug file is always
>winboard.debug and that can't be changed.  Each time you turn on debug, any
>existing winboard.debug file is overwritten.
>Suggestion 2 - Start all over with a clean winboard.ini file.  Any changes can
>be made in a seperate @indirection file (like FRENZEE.INI. refer to FRENZEE.BAT
>to see how to use an @indirection file).  To do this, go to your winboard
>directory and delete winboard.ini.  Then double-click winboard.exe and choose
>'Just view or edit game files'.  This will start Winboard and create a default
>winboard.ini file.  While Winboard is running, go to 'Options' and uncheck 'Save
>settings on exit'.  Now exit Winboard.  This ensures that you have a clean
>winboard.ini that won't be overwritten.
>Suggestion 3 - Keep your chess engine files seperate from your Winboard program
>files.  I have all my chess engines in their own directories...
>C:\Chess\Crafty1910, C:\Chess\Yace09956, C:\Chess\Frenzee, etc...
>Be sure that the /fcp and /fd lines in @FRENZEE.INI point to the right
>After following these suggestions, make sure the files FRENZEE.BAT, FRENZEE.INI,
>FRENZEE.LOGON and the sleep.exe utility are in the default Winboard directory
>(C:\Program Files\Winboard).
>Now a few observations.
>Observation 1 -  The use of debug as I have it in FRENZEE.BAT works.  I repeat
>it here...
>start /w winboard -debug @Frenzee.ini
>Observation 2 - I had included an alias that I use for my account that you can
>omit in your case.  The alias is called 'away', which simply sets an away
>message on ICC so that if someone sends a tell, the response is 'told FRENZEE,
>who is a (C) and running unattended. To communicate with the operator, message
>this account.'  The alias is mentioned in the last line of FRENZEE.INI.  Here is
>what your last line (without the alias reference) should look like...
>/zippyGameEnd='seek 10 0 f m\nseek 15 0 f m\nseek 25 0 f m\nresume\n'
>By following the 3 suggestions and making the small change in observation #2, I
>think you should have no problems with running Frenzee unattended on ICC using
>the 3 files that I provided.
>To make sure all is working properly, start Windows Explorer and navigate to
>C:\Program Files\Winboard.  Then double-click on FRENZEE.BAT.  Once you verify
>that all is working properly, you can right-click on FRENZEE.BAT and 'Send to -
>Desktop'.  This will create a shortcut on your Windows desktop, making it very
>easy to start the batch file.
>Some final comments on your original batch file...
>You had previously given the following:
>G:\Fischer\Chess\Frenzee\Frenzee_ICC\winboard.exe -debug /cp /zp /fcp
>"G:\Fischer\Chess\Frenzee\Frenzee_ICC\Frenzee.exe" /ics /icshelper=timestamp
>First, I would move that batch file to the default Winboard directory to
>eliminate the need for the long path name at the beginning.
>Next, I would make a few changes to the commandline itself.  In particular, I
>would (a) leave out /cp, (b) add /fd, (c) add /icsport and (d) change the order
>of the commandline switches.
>/cp is used when either a human is playing the engine locally or the engine will
>be used in Analyze mode.  /zp and /ics is sufficient when playing on ICC, making
>/cp unnecessary.
>/fd ensures that winboard is looking in the correct directory.
>/icsport specifies the proper port to use when communicating with ICC.
>Finally, I'm not sure if the order of the commandline switches matter, but I
>would give the ICC-related switches first and put the engine-related switches
>last (like in the default winboard.ini.  I give your batch file with suggested
>modifications here...
>winboard -debug /zp /ics /icshost /icsport 6000 /icshelper
>timestamp /fcp G:\Fischer\Chess\Frenzee\Frenzee_ICC\Frenzee /fd
>I think I've covered all of the bases.  Hope this (finally) solves all of
>current problems and helps avoid future problems so that you can concentrate on
>the important stuff... making Frenzee stronger :)  Good luck!
>Ed Seid
>On December 08, 2002 at 04:37:34, Sune Fischer wrote:
>>Hi I tried your three bat file approach.
>>There seem to be a small problem. It opens and closes, opens and closes every 30
>>seconds. :)

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