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Subject: Re: Novag Super Constellation (very old chess computer)

Author: Les Walker

Date: 20:57:11 09/18/98

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On September 18, 1998 at 18:44:32, John Coffey wrote:

>I saw a Mesphisto handheld from around 1983 to 85.  As I recall it was
>quite weak (although claiming to be 1800.)  But I am sure that the handhelds
>that followed were much stronger.

I know the exact hand-held you are referring to. In the early 80's I played
chess with a friend everyday. He had one of those machines. It was quite large
for a handheld, roughly 3 times larger than my Novag V.I.P. He claimed it played
about 1600. I recall offering him everything, but the kitchen sink, in trade for
that machine. As far as I know, he still has it. I borrowed it for a time and
matched it against Sargon III on my Apple IIe at 3Mhtz. Sargon III had an
excellent book library, which was amazing considering it all came on one 360k 5
1/4" floppy! Sargon would totally destroy the hand-held. Sargon III was a great
program. I wonder what ever happened to Dan & Kathe Spracklen. They are also
listed as authors in my Par Excellence manual.

Best Regards,

Les W.

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