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Subject: Re: Novag Super Constellation (very old chess computer)

Author: Steven Schwartz

Date: 20:58:48 09/18/98

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On September 18, 1998 at 22:32:49, Jerry Kruskie wrote:

>On September 18, 1998 at 18:50:03, Steven Schwartz wrote:
>>On September 18, 1998 at 18:44:32, John Coffey wrote:
>>>I saw a Mesphisto handheld from around 1983 to 85.  As I recall it was
>>>quite weak (although claiming to be 1800.)  But I am sure that the handhelds
>>>that followed were much stronger.
>>There was hardly a stand-alone chess computer in
>>history that did not have a claimed rating that
>>was not exaggerated. It is an unwritten law
>>in our business.
>>- Steve (
>I have a Novag Constellation that quit working a few years ago.Is there anyway
>to have it repaired that makes sense? The program did not overwhelm me and I
>would still use it  if I could.

We could repair it if the broken part(s) is not proprietary.
- Steve (ICD/Your Move)

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