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Subject: Re: C and C++ --- NPS

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 02:16:37 12/24/02

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On December 23, 2002 at 21:29:08, Arshad F. Syed wrote:

>Is there anyone here who has actually converted their C code to C++ while
>keeping the NPS the same or even managed to improve upon it? Sune did mention
>that he did so only at the cost of 15% degradation in speed. Why do people even
>bother wasting their time with C++ for a chess program when it inevitably leads
>to taking a hit in NPS? Regardless, of all the advice to simply inline the
>functions, I have yet to see a living example of chess program code which
>performed faster in C++.

That problem is solved now, I just needed to inline a few functions and speed
went back up.

It's tiny things really, like I had a GenCastleMoves which was called from
GenMoves. In GenCastleMoves I checked the flag first, most of the time this flag
isn't set so castle is illegal and I can return, it's just a function call
overhead for nothing.

Actually I would like full inlining here, to have GenMoves and GetNextMove
inlined in my Search. But if I understood things correctly, I would then need to
have all the code in one huge file. I don't want that.


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