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Subject: Re: Old chess computers.

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 17:04:39 09/20/98

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On September 20, 1998 at 17:03:53, John Coffey wrote:

>1980 sounds too early for the Chess Champion Challenger.  Are you sure about
>the year?  Granted, from 1980 to 83 I wasn't much involved in comptuers or
>chess, as these things were on hold while I finished my pre-med.  In 84 I
>dropped out of medical school and became a computer pogrammer and took up
>an interest in chess again.  At that point I had discovered that computer
>chess had come a long way in just 4 years!
>John Coffey

I am absolutely sure, John. That year Chess Champion Challenger won a tournament
in London. At most it could be in 1981, but not later. An after CC came Elite,
the first version, even stronger and probably another leap. From Elite came a
lot of subincarnations called Super Nine, etc. Ask Baurmeister, the most
knowleadgable guy here in CCC about old computers

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