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Subject: Re: C and C++ --- NPS

Author: David Rasmussen

Date: 03:52:00 12/28/02

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On December 28, 2002 at 05:40:59, Sune Fischer wrote:

>That's too bad, I have a question now :)

Too bad :)

>During my transformation from C to C++ I have noticed a few things.
>Granted I'm not the most gifted C++ programmer, but I don't think that matters
>1) I have noticed the size of the binary is growing rapidly, even a fairly small
>change in the code and the binary is suddenly 50 kB larger.

Mostly this phenomenon is related to library issues. A larger part of the
library is often linked into the executable. This is all implementation
dependant, so it varies greatly. In an environment where space is paramount,
implementations (compilers+linkers) that tries to minimize space, partly by only
linking the parts really needed into the executable, exists or can exist. In
practice, it has not been a problem for me. I know about caching issues etc. but
I haven't seen any drop of NPS going from very small binaries to "normal" C++
sized binaries.


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