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Subject: Re: Value of playing different versions of a program against each other

Author: Tom King

Date: 14:18:46 01/06/03

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On January 06, 2003 at 17:09:33, Steve Maughan wrote:

>I think there could be some overstating of results between two version of
>basically the same program.  If your old program has one specific weakness (say
>mobility) and you correct this then it may be the case that the new program is
>simply exploiting the weakness.  I have no concrete data - this is only a gut
>Steve Maughan

Well, the specific weakness is passed pawns. I've seen too many games lost due
to underestimating the value of passed pawns. I increased the passed pawn
scoring in a new, test version, and wallop! The test version kills the old
version. And you're dead right, it does this simply by exploiting the old
version's propensity to allow the opponent to get passed pawns.


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