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Subject: Re: Value of playing different versions of a program against each other

Author: Lieven Clarisse

Date: 14:40:53 01/06/03

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On January 06, 2003 at 16:56:35, Tom King wrote:

>Hi all,
>What do people think about playing different versions of your program against
>each other as a way of testing?
>I'm playing around with it right now, between v0.07 and a newer version of my
>program. The newer version is winning handsomely: +24,=18,-10.
>This implies a reasonably impressive increase in strength, almost 100 ELO. Ok,
>ok, it's a small sample, so the margin of error could be big.
>However, my gut feel is that playing different versions of your programs tends
>to overstate the strength differences. What do people think?

The best way IMHO is to test it against engines with more or less equal
strenght. You can use WBEC ratinglist to get an idea of the strenghts of the
different engines. Try to find a range were your program gets %50 score (for
instance range 40-50 from the ratinglist, when changing your program and see you
get >60% (for a sufficient large numbere of games) it is time to play against
the range 35-45, etc.. Strength is best measured when playing equal opps.

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