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Subject: Re: Novag etc. - old chess computers

Author: Serge Desmarais

Date: 20:54:31 09/22/98

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On September 20, 1998 at 07:02:02, Karsten Bauermeister wrote:

>>Well, I remember the Constellation 3.6 had win a game against the Woman US
>>Champion? I would have to check in some old magazines I have, but I think it was
>>mentionned in an advertising for the machine. Now, at what time control is
>>another story...
>>Serge Desmarais
>Hi Serge,
>I think you were a little bit wrong: What you mean, was the fight Novag
>Super-Constellation X - US WM Diane Savereide 1-3. It was played in Monica Chess
>Club in June 1984.
>When you can read German, there was a test of the Super-Conny and a report of
>this contest in "Computer-Schach & Spiele 3/84".

   Yes, you are right, I think that was the name of the player. I know it was
mentionned in an advertising for a Novag machine in Échec +, the chess magazine
of the Quebec Chess Federation. I had no time to look for that magazine in
particular, but the name rings a bell in my memory (I was impressed at the
time!). I have a driend who still has and uses a Super Constellation machine to
play. He is a 1600 or 1700 player in Quebec, which ratings we have are about the
same as the FIDE ones (you must add about 100 or 200 points for a USCF
equivalent). I am sorry, I do not read German, though I would like to. (I have a
 Weltgeschichte des Schachs book --the #14 containing the games of Capablanca--
and for the few comments contained in a separate booklet, I bought a
French/German mini dictionnary!).

Serge Desmarais

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