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Subject: Reinstate Thorsten Czub? A plea.

Author: Danniel Corbit

Date: 23:03:52 09/23/98

I love Thorsten Czub.  I love his tournaments and his remarks.  I did not read
the posts that led to his expulsion.  I only read titles that interest me.  I do
not know what he said, but I apologize in his behalf for myself.  As an
alternative, can someone be given a read only account?  That seems a good idea.
That way, threads could be carried on in r.g.c.c. in a meaningful way.

I appeal to the offended parties to offer forgiveness.

At any rate, I would like to see his posts here again.

Just a single person's opinion.

I don't know what he said, but he has always been a gentleman to me via NG posts
& private correspondence.

OTOH, I will abide by the decisions of the moderators and I am not complaining.
I would understand even if I had been given a yellow card for some of my posts.

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