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Subject: Re: Reinstate Thorsten Czub? A plea.

Author: Don Dailey

Date: 12:05:20 09/24/98

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On September 24, 1998 at 07:51:22, Dave Gomboc wrote:

>On September 24, 1998 at 04:25:47, Bernhard Bauer wrote:
>>Dear Danniel,
>>please notice that TC alias mclane has been a problem for a long time.
>>Even before R.T. showed up in r.g.c he offended people and his rude way
>>of writing was terrible. Later he used terrible words. When we were invited
>>to CCC it was shocking to see him in the founders group. I never expected
>>him to do well. In the last months the moderators showed incredible patiance
>>in his respect. In fact they used dubble standards. However, nothing helped
>>and TC forced the moderators to do something in his case. I don't miss him
>>here. Everybody who wants to read his posts can do so in r.g.c.c.
>>It's not a matter of forgiveness, its a matter of very bad behavior. He has
>>not only insulted a lot of persons, he has also insulted all the europeans,
>>remember his comments about "Streitkultur". CCC had become a really ugly place.
>>So I fully agree whith the moderators. They had no other choice.
>>Kind regards
>Thank you for pointing out that Mr. Czub has been posting in his way since the
>CCC was created.  In the original thread I wrote a reply to Bruce: one of the
>statements I made was "you were right that it was overdue".  In an attempt to
>soften my post somewhat, I had omitted how long overdue I thought it was.
>I think that this (CCC) is the place where most serious computer chess
>"newsgroup-style" discussion occurs.  Sure, maybe not every thread is the worthy
>topic of an academic paper, but surprisingly many are :), and in terms of
>signal-to-noise, it's one heck of a lot better than r.g.c.c. was when I was
>actively participating there.  (I no longer do, things may have changed, but I
>don't even bother to check, because many people with valuable input participate
>To move on to the point, we have a community of people interested in computer
>chess, even including several of the commercial software developers (either on a
>participating or a lurker basis).  Who, as a group of people, would it satisfy
>Thorsten to interact with more?  It is for this reason that I hope he will
>return, without the baggage that makes people want to skip over reading many of
>his posts.
>Dave Gomboc

To Bernhard and Dave,

Thank you both for the understanding on your part.  As you will
see from a post I have written earlier, we did not make this decision

Also, people are forgetting what a nice group this really is.
They day they compare this group to RGCC and do not know the
difference is the day I get really concerned.

- Don

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