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Subject: Re: Reinstate Thorsten Czub? A plea.

Author: Steve Blatchford

Date: 03:06:54 09/25/98

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On September 25, 1998 at 01:34:28, Don Dailey wrote:

>On September 25, 1998 at 01:31:49, Don Dailey wrote:
>>On September 25, 1998 at 00:03:38, Detlef Pordzik wrote:
>>>On September 24, 1998 at 20:27:47, Don Dailey wrote:
>>>>>Did you consider the possibility that Thorsten was the victim of a pre-planned,
>>>>>private email conspiracy which set out to provoke and then zap him based on his
>>>>>inevitable "off-topic" response ?
>>>>>Steve Blatchford
>>>>Do you think we are stupid?  Of course we considered this. We looked
>>>>at many angles.  We are convinced that Thorsten was partially baited
>>>>and goaded.  The problem is that Thorsten is the easiest one on the
>>>>group to bait and that in itself caused a lot of problems.
>>>>- Don
>>>Besides the fact, that I can't figure your answer as polite by no means, I
>>>partially - must - accept you answer in your proclamation towards the entire NG
>>>in annother mail
>>My answer was not intended to be impolite, I hope Detlef doesn't take
>>it that way.   If so I apologize in advance to him.
>>I probably was a little iritated at the question, simply because
>>we tried so hard on Thorstens behalf, and yet in the end it is
>>suggested that Thorsten is the victim.  The string of offended
>>members doesn't count and are not important but only Thorsten is.
>>>In the highest majority it was, no doubts, TC's own fault.
>>>But " victims " - my Lord - that's a strong word.....
>>Obviously you were not the subject of his attacks.  It's pretty easy
>>for you to say this isn't it?   I don't think some of his targets
>>can brush this off as lightly as you do.
>>>if one wants to nail a thing up high, he does it. And the more he tramples on
>>>it, the more it gets disturbing - kinda experience of life....
>>>No question, that you didn't make it easy on yourself, you got a defined duty
>>>from the NG members, and it ain't easy, as I suggest -
>>>yet, senseless, I really pity this loss and somehow can't prevent the feeling
>>>of a modern " book burning " -
>>>even viewing the respectful work of the moderators, a bad feeling remains -
>>>at least from my side....
>>Join the club.  Do you think it was easy for us?
>>- Don
>Woops,  it was Steve Blatchford I meant to apologize to.  Sorry
>Steve for being so abrupt with you.

No problem at all. It was only words. I like words.


>- Don

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