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Subject: Re: Reinstate Thorsten Czub? A plea.

Author: Moritz Berger

Date: 06:05:48 09/25/98

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On September 25, 1998 at 06:05:23, Steve Blatchford wrote:

>On September 24, 1998 at 20:27:47, Don Dailey wrote:
>>>Did you consider the possibility that Thorsten was the victim of a pre-planned,
>>>private email conspiracy which set out to provoke and then zap him based on his
>>>inevitable "off-topic" response ?
>>>Steve Blatchford
>>Do you think we are stupid?
>I'll answer this later.
>>Of course we considered this. We looked
>>at many angles.  We are convinced that Thorsten was partially baited
>>and goaded.
>If Thorsten was "partially baited and goaded", do you think that the "baiters
>and goaders" did not realise the likely effect of the "baiting and goading" ?
>The "baiters and goaders" were Thorsten's erstwhile friends. One of them had
>recently made an end to his friendship with Thorsten in a most humiliating and
>public way.
>That little piece of hatred went right to the top of the mountain to end its

Dear Steve, I wish you would restrain your words just a little bit to contribute
to a more friendly discussion.

About "baiting and goading": I don't subscribe to this conspiracy theory.

I will try to explain: For Thorsten, many things interconnected. His view of the
world is somewhat holistic in this respect.

For example, I seem to be connected to the Fritz-ChessBase-SSDF-autoplayer
complex (any many other themes). And these buzzwords in turn are connected with
many other things, like Ed Schröder's decision to disable auto232 support in
Rebel 10 or the fact the Helmut Kohl was elected several times during the past
16 years ... (Thorsten brought up the Helmut Kohl thing not once, but several

Lately, I felt as if everything I wrote was in itself a provocation to Thorsten.
The same applied to some others here. He labeled us all "bean counters" and even
went as far as approving the names Whittington and Tueschen had used for Dirk
("Hitler" and "Eichmann").

Unfortunately, simply to stop posting myself (which I don't regard as
acceptable, by the way) wouldn't have ended the problem. Thorsten attacked me
whenever he felt like it, even if I hadn't participated in the thread, suddenly
there was my name in a context like "Moritz works for ChessBase" (which is, as
Thorsten knows, just wrong). And just one of the many buzzwords was enough to
make him go out and try to get at me. After all, he related other companies to
ChessBase, other programs to Fritz, other computer matches to the SSDF and
testing methods in general to the autoplayer. Zooooom: Magic! Moritz can be
dragged into it, it's all one big mess, and this is a war (war against
ChessBase, explicitly declared "when ChessBase sent Fritz 5 to Sweden with the
§$"%§$&"% autoplayer).

Finally, I want to add that I regarded Thorsten as a friend for some time and I
am very sad that things tourned out as they did. But finally, I have to accept
this and I definitely don't feel like reading some bystanders - who didn't even
move their little finger to help me defened against the attacks - commenting
about "goading" when the problem lies much, much deeper.


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