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Subject: cct5 - the Bringer report

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 13:35:30 01/20/03

To really get it posted, this one will have to be quite brief.

Right after cct-4 Gerrit Reubold decided to do a complete rewrite of his engine.
As his time has been very limitted , the cct-4 Bringer version is still the
strongest one so far.
So it was the public Bringer 1.9 to compete again - but there was a hardware
update - Bringer played on a rather recent Athlon XP2600+.

Last time it finished 7th - so there was some result to defend ;) .

First game was against Zappa. Bringer played a few training games against it
before the ccts and it is still a quite young program it seems . The tournament
game soon reached a little advantage for the favourite , but Bringer being a
little too fond of a free pawn that turned out to be rather weak , spoilt it.
This was a well-deserved draw for Zappa, and probably also Zappa's tournament

Second game featured Bringer- Monsoon with the white pieces. This has been
commented on elsewhere so i can keep it short. The opening sucked and Monsoon
was completely won after the opening. To add something new to the discussion,
Monsoon probably spoilt the win when it left the b1-h7 diagonal delebaretely
(spelling?) with its bishop , when suddenly the white passer on h became very
strong. As has been already discussed Monsoon might have been able to defend
itself by sacking the exchange when it decided to defend Q-RB which was
hopeless. So a (very) lucky win here.

Third round Searcher - Bringer brought a very tiny advantage for Bringer, that
at some time tended to become more real , but it didn't really work out and it
petered out soon.

4th round Quark - Bringer ( black again !) followed a theoretical game of Smirin
where black improved (IMHO) with Nxf4 - again slight advantage for black - again
not enough.

5th round  Bringer - XiniX featured some very strange opening - strange,
strange, stranger was how XiniX played . Probably some bugs made life harder for
black here.

So, this was the first day - Bringer did well after a rather slow start - with
3.5/5 it was doing well and was ranked at 6th place ( should have been enough
rounds anyway according to Prof. Hyatt ; ) )

6th round was Hossa-Bringer (black again!) ,  that started with the rather
strange 1. f4 2. d4 3. Bd2 - anyway, this game was the highlight  IMHO - both
played very well . Bringer reached a decent advantage though , but just when it
is was about to become decisive Hossa found the amazing c5! that turned out to
be a viable defense. Bringer might have won this one anyway methinks , but
missing some nuances it was in fact Hossa who had the advantage in late endgame
here . Only with the help of the tablebases Bringer managed to escape.

Couldn't we have stopped here (at last) ? :)

OK, talking about preparation. In cct-4 Bringer was well-prepared for the
openings I think . This was not true this time where a default book was loaded (
fuck my laziness).

7th round? AARGGH - Bringer - PepitoXX - this was SUCH a torture , a torture
indeed. Bringer out of book too early allowed its black-squared bishop to become
miserably weak . But what really made it soo hard watching was that Pepito never
really seemed to be able to take advantage of it - the ( sometimes very huge)
advantage of Pepito became less and less - and Pepito seemed to have really
spoilt it - ..a4 ? Hah ! Yet it _did_ work - Pepito won - accident, skills ? Who
knows ..

8th round ? Bringer - Wildcat  - oh what a miserable  opening .. - as I had been
to lazy to even load the old  tournament book I tried to play with little book -
Wildcat varied early and Bringer didn't really react properly . Then Wildcat
really RULED - playing SO well . It should have won ! But Bringer was superior
detecting a perpetual Wildcat didn't understand early enough - and it was a draw

The final round Bringer finally got caught because of the miserable opening
preparation - The Baron just simply finished it off right out of the opening -
well-deserved , but not what you like to see .. . and oh, how Bringer tried to
fight, and oh, just how useless it was ;)

So, this was cct-5 for BrĂ­nger .


PS: that's the way of the world and I had a tough time watching .. - still
thanks for the tournament and I really enjoyed the lovely Yace performance as I
did enjoy many friendly talks with opponents and friends.

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