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Subject: CCT5 - ok, a short comment, just Amyan...

Author: Antonio Dieguez

Date: 23:27:49 01/20/03

who cares? I don't know.

I have not analyzed carefully at all, just will say a few comments now by
reviewing the games.

****1st game: Amyan - Quark  0-1

The openning was a Scotch with 4. ... Nf6 5. Nxc6, very soon both kings were
exposed but with queens off. Amyan felt just ok, especially after winning a
pawn, but Quark had two bishops and a cinic passed d pawn at the middle.

[D]4r2r/5pp1/1kp5/2bpP2p/1Nb5/P5B1/1PK2PPP/2R4R w - h6 0 26

In this position Amyan played f4, it was bad i suposse, as black put a bishop on
e3 and secured it with d4.
Later may be b3 was also bad, it just impulsed the other Quark's bishop to be in
other cool square, f5. Soon Quark could put his rook in play via d8-e8-a5-c5 and
ended with a big advantadge already. Perhaps less catastrophic would have been
Ra1 instead of a4, but anyway black was doing better already. Quark did it well.

****2nd game: Czolgista - Amyan  0-1

Here Czolgista played an unsound sacrifice (Mr. Schroer said), after d4 d5 c4 e6
then e4!? Amyan got an advantadge quick then, wich was getting bigger and
bigger, helped by not the stronger ones replies from the oponnent.

****3rd game: Amyan - Xinixx  0-1

Back again Amyan played a strong oponnent and again it loses.
It was with oposite castlings, Xinixx had it long and Amyan short...
Xinixx did it fine beginning with Rg8, g5 etc. simple and fast, while Amyan did
not know well what to do, also played a strange 16.Qa3 etc. I really don't know
for sure what are the best moves, 12. Ba4 was bad, 12.a4 wouldn't be so great
neither after d4 cxd4 a6 Bc4 Nxb4 for example black is fine.

Here is the position after 11. ... Ke8

[D]1k1r1b1r/pppqn1pp/2n1p3/1B1pP2b/1P6/2P2N1P/P2N1PP1/R1BQ1RK1 w - - 0 12

Amyan did nothing ok, it was a bit slow also.
Xinix did it well.

****4th game: Robinx - Amyan  0-1

And back again Amyan to play a not very strong oponnent. I hope good luck to the
Robinx played b4!? here, perhaps to quit that bishop of menacing f2 later, but
then it doesn't want to eat the pawn on g7 and instead plays Qc1!? so amyan got
a pawn for free, and later won easily.

[D]r2qk2r/pbppnppp/1p2p3/2b5/4P3/1P1B1N2/PBPP1PPP/R2QK2R w KQkq - 0 9

****5th game: Amyan - Grok 1/2-1/2

This was a though Caro-Kann, I find it always though. Surprisingly hard to win
with white.
Amyan had doubled rooks on the e file for some time and they looked a bit odd,
like this:
[D]2rr3k/pq4pp/3b1p2/1P1np3/P3R3/1Q1N4/1B3PPP/4R1K1 w - - 0 33

Grok played fine, (I guess! at least it played fine against amyan but is not
Amyan got into trouble and lost a pawn. Luckily for Amyan after echanges all the
material in the board was KBPP vs KBPPP with the pawns on the same side. And all
ended this way...:
[D]8/5k2/7p/4BKp1/5p2/5P2/5bP1/8 b - - 0 57

Position in wich amyan says it is a draw after 40 sec
depth=15 +0.00 . f2e1 e5f4 g5f4 f5f4 h6h5 g2g3 f7g6 f4e3 e1g3 e3e2 h5h4 e2f1

oh wait, in a bit more than a minute it says
depth=15 +0.01 f2e3 g2g3 f4g3 e5g3 h6h5 f3f4 g5g4 f5g5 f7e6 g5g6 h5h4 f4f5 e6d5

but then again at depth 16 it says draw.

depth=16 +0.00 . f2e3 g2g3 f4g3 e5g3 h6h5 f3f4 g5g4 f5g5 f7e6 g5g6 e6d5 g6h5
Nodes: 67595327 NPS: 631850
Time: 00:01:46.98

A "lucky" draw then for Amyan.

****6th game: Cyberpagno - Amyan  1/2 - 1/2

This game was with a "dunno what is its name as I'm so ignorant" openning.
Orthodox? or whatever. An IQP position. Why not everybody starts with e4...

It got simplified in some moves and I was happy about that, because amyan was
sad because white had more space and his pieces were out before. It looks a
delicate position for black, but surprisingly it does just fine. At least Amyan.
Not me :)
After goting an ending with only pawns and 1 rook each, black got king a little
bit more of initiative.
Here is the position where Amyan just played f4 and I was getting more happy:

[D]8/1p2r3/p1pk3p/6p1/3P1p2/3K1PP1/PP5P/6R1 w - - 0 37

Amyan won a pawn there. But the ending was with a and c black pawns, and a white
d pawn, besides the rooks. And Mr Schroer said it was a teoric draw, even if
white gives the d pawn.
After many moves, especially moving the rook back and forth, Amyan itself
offered a draw and it was acepted.

****7th game: Noonianchess - Amyan 0-1

I'm unhappy with this one. Amyan got its pieces in an inconfortable position.
Both of Amyan bishops were not good at a moment, and it looked to me that the
rook in the h file was completely unusefull.
Here after 23.c3:
[D]5k2/p5p1/1pnN1pb1/2pNp1b1/4P1Pr/2P2P2/PP4B1/3R2K1 b - - 0 23

I get the feeling that it didn't lose just because NoonianChess didn't play the
better moves.
At the end, with some luck perhaps the dark squared bishop was usefull actually
and the rook in the h file too. Amyan got finally a rook vs knight ending...
that should be a draw but NoonianChess... dropped the knight! I don't know how
as it is just a 7 ply tactic. Amyan won because of that.

****8th game: Amyan - Pharaon 1/2-1/2

This was a Sicilian. xyz variant.
Pharaon echanged his dar squared bishop with a knight on c3.
Amyan pinned Pharaon's knight on f6 and put some pressure there. So other couple
of minor pieces and the queens were echanged there.
Later Pharaon eated the c2 pawn while amyan eated the f6 pawn. Later a white
rook there were to the h file and well, at the end had one more pawns, no two
more pawns, but the only passed pawn of Pharaon was the strongest, and supported
by its king, and Amyan just had to do a perpetual to avoid its promotion. Amyan
king was all the time on h1...
Amyan was overconfident in this one, a bit slow, it showed 0.0 too late. But it
is hard to evaluate very good this.

This is the position after 39. ... e4
[D]4r3/1p3p2/5Pk1/P1nP4/1R2p1N1/8/6PP/7K w - - 0 40

****9th game: Amyan - Arasan 1/2-1/2

This was a Sicilian, zyx variant.
In this position Amyan played 18. Rxe6 !?
[D]2rq1rk1/1p2bpp1/p3bn1p/3p4/P2Q3B/1BN5/1PP1RPPP/4R1K1 w - - 0 18

It did it for no good reason. Later it retreated the rook to e1 then e2, etc.
that is Amyan...
After a little fight, there was a material unbalance, Amyan having a QBB and 5
pawns vs QR and 4 pawns of Arasan. Because Arasan king was much more exposed
later it was in a hurry, and Amyan won 2 pawns more, getting this position:

[D]5r2/2q1k3/8/6Q1/6B1/6PP/6PK/8 b - - 0 57

And this ended in a draw.
It looks like white can't advance his h pawn alone, so it must advance the g
pawn too, leaving his king exposed. That's why Arasan got the draw, but perhaps
Amyan played something bad.
Perhaps echange queens would have been ok for white but I don't know if white
can force that and am a bit lazy.

That's it, Amyan got 5/9, wich was exactly was before I thunk I wanted, so it is
just fine.

See you.

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