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Subject: The Frenzee Report

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 03:20:27 01/21/03

Round 1: Frenzee -  XiniXXX

Having worked all night at adding some king safety (untested), I feared there
might be bugs. And of course, there was 10. Kf2? :

[D]r1bqk2r/2p1bppp/p1pp4/3pP3/5P2/5N2/PPPP1KPP/R1BQ1R2 b kq - 0 10

I forgot my own sign convention :(

Still the dumb machines do what you tell them, if you tell them double and
isolated pawns are bad, they create just such things. Even if Xinix's position
isn't as bad here, frenzee just did as told and at least that is positive.

Frenzee with it's new killer extensions is not that easy to kill, so it defended
quite well, much better than I had expected in such a strange position. For a
long time we didn't think Xinix could find a way to capitalize on it's
advantage. Frenzee was tied on hands and feet, but actually black is also pretty
tied down, the plan for black isn't at all obvious:

[D]8/2pk2p1/2pp2r1/P2p1b2/1P1P1P1q/2P3R1/3B1KQ1/8 b - - 0 47

After some shuffling Xinix decided to push c5 and won easily.

Round 2: Messchess - Frenzee

Kind of a boring game. I wasn't quite happy, white got a nice position, with
pressure on very weak c7 and a4 pawns. There was some shuffling and finally
black decided to act on the king side with h5!?
[D] r6k/2p2r2/1p1p1np1/1N1Ppq1p/pPP5/P2R1P2/6PP/3QR1K1 w - h6 0 33

Messchess had a repetition but avoided it, next Frenzee got a fail high here on

[D] 6k1/2pq1r2/1p1p2p1/1P1P2n1/p1P2R2/P1N1Q1Pp/7P/7K b - - 0 48

It was downhill from there, Frenzee found a mate in 13:

[D] 6k1/2p5/1p1p2p1/1P1P2n1/p1P2R2/P1N1q1Pp/6r1/5Q1K b - - 0 56

All in all Frenzee was lucky to win this game.

Round 3: Diep - Frenzee

Uh, tough opponent, non-bitboarder, I was doomed.
Actually Vincent told me black was okay, I was quite content too, could have
been worse at this stage.

[D] r2r3k/1bq3b1/1pn3pp/p4p2/N1BPp3/PP2P3/5QPP/1N1RR1K1 b - - 0 25

But with no tactical patzer moves Frenzee is restless, it started a rather long
exchange here which ended up losing a pawn. Frenzee played f4? in the above
position. Upon reflection I understand why too, it doesn't like protected passed
pawns, it wanted to weaken the d-pawn. Going from protected passed pawn to weak
exposed pawn island is quite a score drop for white, at least frenzee thought

Diep seemed to be in control from here on, black got the bishop pair and that
worried Vincent some, but Frenzee decided to exchange one of the bishops for an
off-sided knight (what?!) and things got too easy for white.

Round 4: Frenzee - Nullmover

What awesome power in that nullmover, white simply got outplayed. Frenzee tried
some weird and very long exchange that ended up losing a pawn. Black couldn't
ask for a better position:
[D]3r3k/2r1q1pp/2n2p2/p3p3/1pQpP3/5R2/PPPB2PP/2R3K1 b - - 0 29

Nullmover was searching 10-11 plies, frenzee got 13-14 here most of the time, so
I had a feeling all was not lost. However, black proceded to win another pawn
and I started getting real worried, basicly I couldn't believe nullmoves
strength searching that many plies less. All I was hoping for was that white
wouldn't trade queens, perpetual check or something seemed to be the only
possible rescue.
It turned out I was right, with the advanced black pawns on the king side white
did find a repetition, but white found more than that, suddenly frenzee saw a
win here with Ra1!
[D] 6k1/8/1q1r1p1Q/4p1p1/1p5p/1P5P/6PK/5R2 w - - 0 64

The gamed turned completely. If not lucky point then at least undeserved.

Round 5: Monsoon - Frenzee

The game has already been commented on, and there really isn't much to say other
than Monsoon tricked frenzee into playing forward its king shelter pawns and
neglect its development. I knew out of book this wasn't a position frenzee could
play well, although theoreticly it probably was okay. It got smashed in no time.

Round 6 Frenzee - AvernoX

I commented before on this game, it's almost magical to me. I didn't understand
the play of Frenzee, a lot of moves surprised me.
[D] 4N2n/1b1pbppk/2q1p2p/r1p1P2P/1p2N1Q1/1P1P1PP1/1BP3K1/1R6 b - - 0 25
For instance in this position black played g5 and I was sure frenzee would
respond by en passent capture and get some mating posibilities.
Instead it seemed to dissipate the advantage with N4f6+ and a trade of queens.
Frenzee had no regrets though, its score kept climbing and after the next few
moves even I could see what was going on. The black king and night was
completely trapped!
There is no code detecting that, so it can only be mobility I guess. Still I
like when a game is played in positional level too high for me to follow, that
doesn't happen too often with frenzee, when it does it's like magic (slash

Round 7: Arasan - Frenzee

It was a fairly open game, most pieces traded off early. Arasan seemed to hold
the advantage and I was sure Arasan had a win here:

[D] 8/6n1/2k1ppP1/P7/P2K1P1p/8/8/6N1 w - - 0 49

As a human I would have sacrified the a pawns to get my king down below the
black pawns.
White here decided on the wrong strategy with Ke3 going for the h pawn. Move a3
forces the black king off the blockade and white can enter the gates for a
feast. Perhaps that is too deep for programs, or perhaps my analysis is wrong.

Round 8: Frenzee - TerraPi

Frenzee got itself into a rather tied position, again. Black has lots of
pressure, white has nothing.

[D] 4r1k1/pp1b1pbp/1q1p1np1/n1pP4/P1P5/5NPP/1P1N1P2/R1BQ1BK1 b - - 0 16

TerraPi slowly won this game quite easily. No shame in losing to a better

Round 9: PolarChess - Frenzee

I was hopetimistic early on, we talked about the codes and I began to believe
Frenzee could win.
White got off to a good start, but then a rather strange combination occured:
[D]5rk1/1ppbbppp/3p4/r2P4/p2BP1n1/2N2B2/PP3PPP/2RR2K1 w - - 0 20

Nxa4? was played. Hmm, wasn't too bad according to the programs, frenzee failed
high about 0.3 pawns.

Turns out this move could be a result of material scores, white gets 2xpawn + 1x
bishop + bishop pair bonus against a rook.
That is a little better for the rook according to frenzee, highly debatedable
In this case the rook turned out to be better and frenzee also managed to break
the bishop pair trading down to bishop + 2 pawns vs the rook which in this case
won for black.


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