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Subject: Re: Novag etc. - old chess computers

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 11:50:01 09/26/98

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Hi Kartsen:
Hey chap, I would hope from you a hand in this issue of old hardware for the
resoruce center. Who else knows more about it than you? May I ask from you your
help to cover a section with that? I mean, not necesarily a tightened agenda,
but just to deliver us, let us say a couple of times a month, something about
old computers, what you want; history, perfomances, anecdotes, rumours, what was
said, what happened with the programmers, anything. Style, extensiobn, all is in
your hands. This will be, like Comoputer Chess Reports was, one of the most
importantn sites about chess computers. You must be there. Yo must be here with
I wait for you

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