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Subject: Re: Why is assembly more effecient than C?

Author: James Robertson

Date: 15:25:52 09/26/98

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On September 26, 1998 at 18:15:51, John Coffey wrote:

>On September 26, 1998 at 18:00:26, James Robertson wrote:
>>>>Yes, that was when my program had nothing but alpha-beta. Also, most of the
>>>>program is written in Assembly which increased my NPS over the C++ version by
>C++ is a different matter then C.  When I think of C++, the first word that
>comes to my mind is the word "overhead."  But I guess that depends upon if
>you were using much C++ functionality.
>John Coffey

I use C++ because it helps error checking, and is tremendously easier to keep
track of messy code. Although there is a lot of overhead if you are not careful,
skillfully written C++ is both fast, readable and inspiring :) (inspiring to
write more of it, that is :)


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