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Subject: Spanish MCCC

Author: Eugenio Castillo

Date: 15:42:10 09/27/98

 The Spanish MCCC has finished 27.9.98 results are:

 6 rounds swiss

 1. Chess Tiger (FRA, op) 5
 2. Francesca   (UK, op ) 5
 3. SOS         (GER)     4.5
 4. Patzer,     (GER)
Ruy Lopez,  (ESP)
    Betsabe     (ESP)     3.5
 7. XXXXii      (GER)     3.0
 8. Eugen,      (ESP)
    Toledo 2000 (ESP)     2.5
10. Genesis     (ARG, op) 1.5
11. Rabbit      (FRA, op) 1.0
12. Killer      (ESP, ?)  0.5

op means that the programmer was not in site, only an operator.

Roland Pfister said:

"it was a nice tournament with a few drawbacks:

 operators (some of them did not speak english :-( )
 the first rain this year at Granada

Of course the Germans visited the local McDonalds like we did at Jakarta,
Paderborn and Paris :-))

SOS got a trophy and a money price for its 3rd place.

The missing 2nd level cache of the Celeron helped the small programs like SOS
and hindered the big knowledge intensive ones like Eugen and Toledo (and
XXXXii). Patzer ran at the speed of a K6-120."

The ranking in Paris was:

Chess Tiger

Now it's nearly the contrary, everything is possible in Granada!!!

Betsabe (Salomon's Kings mother) is an unknown but a good Spanish program, Ruy
Lopez is a new one, his programmer is 23 years old.

Thanks to all participants.


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