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Subject: Re: Nodes per second........

Author: Steffen Jakob

Date: 23:13:03 09/27/98

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Hi John!

On September 26, 1998 at 17:30:09, John Coffey wrote:

>This is an interesting question, because Robert Hyatt told me the other day
>that it was the size of the tree and not the NPS that really matter.  When
>I looked at the Crafty source code, I was surprised at how much code that
>gets executed for every single node.  But the main purpose of that code is
>to cut down the size of the tree (using null moves, hash tables, move ordering,
>etc.) That tree  grows exponentially, so cutting it from say 6^N down to 3^N
>is a huge improvement regardless of the number of nodes per second.

Yes, there is much code but not everything will be executed in each node! E.g.
first thing you do is to check if the position is already stored in the
transposition table. If yes, you can skip the expensive rest of the code.


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