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Subject: Re: Why is assembly more effecient than C?

Author: Danniel Corbit

Date: 11:34:43 09/30/98

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On September 30, 1998 at 14:05:36, Komputer Korner wrote:
>What about a chess compiler? Obviously you would need one for each platform.
Actually, you have hit on two interesting points.  Firstly, Deep* blue has Chess
CPU's.  For a machine such as this, a chess compiler is trivial.  Indeed, any
other kind of compiler is a nightmare.

Now, what about general purpose CPU's?  Could a formal grammar of chess be
implemented that actually becomes a programming language?  I don't see why not.
It might be possible to do some very nice work in this regard.  I suspect that
some C++ implementation probably follow this abstraction to a degree at times.

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