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Subject: Re: Parameter Tuning

Author: James Robertson

Date: 07:48:46 10/02/98

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On October 01, 1998 at 20:28:55, jonathan Baxter wrote:

>Currently I am working on an improved version of KnightCap, with better
>search and a much *simpler* evaluation function. Interesting preliminary results
>show that with parameter learning and *just* piece/square tables we can get
>a rating of around 2500 on ICC. This is without any opening learning (the
>original version of KnightCap has an opening learning algorithm that is also
>described in the above paper.)

I don't think just piece/square tables are good enough for a program at all,
even with parameter learning. For instance, how does it avoid making stupid
doublings and isolations of it's pawns? My program without doubling and
isolation penalties makes very bad choices about pawn structure, often
sufficient to lose. Obviously your program is good enough tactically to win most
games, but I think that it will do much worse against human opposition without
the extra knowledge.


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