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Subject: Re: Interesting random chess question - What is probability to win?

Author: Jari Huikari

Date: 11:10:19 10/03/98

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On October 03, 1998 at 07:39:57, blass uri wrote:

>what is the probability to win for every side in  a random game?
>If you play many games you can give a good estimate.

I think that probability of a draw is VERY high. Say more than 90%...
Because of '50 moves without progress' rule. (And perhaps a lonely king is
more often stalemated than mated.)

I can try many games. Nero doesn't have yet '50 moves', 'material' and
'3 repetitions' rules, but I can try playing to some maximum number of moves,
after which I consider a game to be drawn if not ended to mate/stalemate.

I believe that white and black have same winning probability in a random game.


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