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Subject: Re: Introducing "No-Moore's Law"

Author: Dave Gomboc

Date: 02:41:04 03/01/03

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>  The bottom line is that physical and financial constraint will bring an end to
>Moore's law.  Realistically, it will not be an abrupt halt, but, instead from
>doubling every two years, to double every four years, then to 5% increase per
>  My bet is that we will see a dramatic slowing in 7 to 10 years.
>  Beyond that, we will rely increasingly on more processors per system and other
>techniques instead of more transistors per processor die.

It's no problem.  Moore's law is not constrained to a specific method.  By the
time the current stuff runs out of steam, 3-D molecular computing will be out of
R&D and into the mainstream. ;-)


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