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Subject: Re: Null move reductions

Author: Will Singleton

Date: 11:39:57 10/05/98

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On October 05, 1998 at 09:37:31, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>does it quite easily..  if we are doing a 6 ply search, at ply=3 we find a
>way to rip a piece so that the score is +3.00, at ply=4 we try null-move
>and subtract an extra two plies from the search depth, which takes us right
>to the q-search, where the opponent recaptures the piece, so that the null-
>move search fails high.  I don't look at checks in the q-search, which means
>my q-search won't see the mate on g7, so we stop the search at ply=3 thinking
>that BxN is ok, when our opponent will *really* not play pxB, but will,
>instead, play Qg7#.
>Next move you see this, but it could be too late...


Since you don't look at checks in the qsearch, do you have problems with
positions such as wac002?  Or perhaps that's handled in a different way.


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