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Subject: Re: Sorry I really am stupid sometimes...

Author: Matthew White

Date: 14:06:29 03/14/03

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On March 14, 2003 at 03:51:18, Albert Bertilsson wrote:

>Hi Matt!
>Thanx for the reply, when you say it sounds so natural. Of course more knowledge
>will result in more nodes search since ther will be many new interesting
>variations for the engine to look at.
>I though of the eval as the guide to a single target, so making it better would
>make the nodes searched drop. But of course the eval is a guide to MULTIPLE
>target positions so more eval makes the engine realize there are new positions
>to search because they have advantages that wasn't noticed before.
>I really hope though that adding even more knowledge will not make the node
>count go up much more, because then it will be very expensive to add more.
>/Regards Albert

You are very welcome. I had trouble with the concept myself. For example, I
wanted to increase an engine's ability to stack rooks on open files. It ended up
causing the engine to move a rook to an open file any time it couldn't find
anything to do. An important thing to remember is balancing the eval parameters.
A little change goes a long way. Read all you can about positional chess.


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