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Subject: Re: PVS and MTD(f) branching factor

Author: Russell Reagan

Date: 09:56:36 06/18/03

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On June 18, 2003 at 04:24:00, martin fierz wrote:

>better move ordering reduces the branching factor! you can easily see that from
>best/worst case which is sqrt(N)(best) and N(worst) as branching factor for
>alpha beta. that's not a constant speed improvement then...

Hi Martin,

Sorry if I wasn't very clear.

I was wondering if pvs/mtd(f) with perfect move ordering led to a decrease in
the branching factor over alpha-beta with perfect move ordering, or only a
constant speedup. Better move ordering does lead to a reduced branching factor,
but I was wondering about the situation where all 3 algorithms had perfect move
ordering already.

So, I am not talking about the improvement where you go from an N branching
factor to a sqrt(N) branching factor, but when you go from alpha-beta with
perfect move ordering, to pvs/mtd(f) with perfect move ordering.

Does this make it more clear?


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