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Subject: Problem with extending to maxdepth

Author: Albert Bertilsson

Date: 05:11:23 06/26/03

Hi Everybody!

Previously I've used check-extensions, and now I added single-reply extensions.
This has given me some problems because it seems that the engine tries to extend
to much now! Some positions are just searched to very few plies. I guess it has
to do with one side only having one move to do (single-reply) and the other side
constantly checking, and this makes the search go deep immediatly and not
returning until searching to max depth or getting 3-fold repetition.

I've solved this temporarily by only allowing to extend at most Depth plies, so
when searching to ply 6 maximum search depth should be 12 plies. Anybody have a
better idea?

Forgive me for interrupting the other threads with this computer chess related
question. This is still the computer chess forum?

/Regards Albert

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