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Subject: Re: Improvements in BF makes my MoveGen suck =(

Author: Russell Reagan

Date: 12:16:27 06/27/03

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On June 27, 2003 at 15:02:40, Christophe Theron wrote:

>Generating lists of moves in general is sub-optimal. It's much better to
>generate move lists incrementally (moves should be generated on demand, a
>complete list is never generated).

How do you have good move ordering without knowing what all of the moves are? Do
you have a cheaper function that detects statically whether a move is legal
(say, get the hash move and statically detect if it is legal, rather than
generating all moves and seeing if it is in the list)?

IIRC, you use several forward pruning filters in Chess Tiger. How do you apply
the filters if you don't have a complete move list?

>I have the same opinion about attack tables, but it depends on what you are

At what point would your opinion change about attack tables? Would an engine
have to make significant use of them before you would prefer them over on the
fly attack detection?

In any case, your philosophy sounds interesting. It should keep my brain
thinking for a bit :)

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