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Subject: Re: No interdisciplinary at all, it's just about NN

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 14:47:13 07/06/03

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On July 06, 2003 at 17:36:20, Keith Evans wrote:
>If he were a psychotherapist then I doubt that he would make the claims about
>being a scientist. I don't know how it is outside America, but practically
>anybody can become a psychotherapist here.
>At Carngie Mellon the two experimental psychologists James McClelland and David
>Rumelhart developed a cognitive framework called parallel distributed
>processing. If you look into neural networks you'll surely come across
>references to the 1986 book "Parallel Distributed Processing: Explorations in
>the Microstructure of Cognition."
>I've never seen Rolf reference any of his published papers, so ...

What i meant is that Rolf makes a big HYPE about beeing scientific.
and claims that HE is VERY SCIENTIFIC.

but when you read his posts you see that he is not scientific but mad.
And that he only tries to insult other people by claiming that he
is a newbie or a scientist or whatever between.

If he would post anything that has to do with computerchess it would
be fine for me. but since 1996 all he posted was pissing on people who
DO something in computerchess. he is one of those guys running arround,
i think they are called STALKER. they see famous people and want to be
within the world of those people. his biggest wish is to be a MEMBER.

we react by throwing him out of our group. so his wish to be a member
increases again. In the end, our behaviour traumatizes him even more.

IMO the moderators have to take consequences.

he breaks the charta. so he has to be thrown out.
if he comes back under another name we will find out
because he will - with the same methods of rolf - piss again
on bruce or bob or christophe or ed or me or others.

its always the same. we will throw him out again.

thats that the password forum is about. to get rid of people like him.

thats his desease.
a normal person would be so pissed about beeing thrown out that he would
never come back again. rolf is different because he is ill.
he will always try again to come back.

thats our problem.

you cannot really deal with a crazy person by doing NORMAL things.

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