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Subject: Re: Private Interdisciplinary Lesson No.4 for Christophe (Father)

Author: Rolf Tueschen

Date: 14:59:31 07/06/03

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Here is the first quote of importance:

-- father who built a university:


Frederic Friedel: Ivory Coast, Guadeloupe... Can you explain?

CT: My parents went to Ivory Coast whe I was 14. My father was working to build
one of the biggest universities of Africa (in Yamossoukro, Ivory Coast). My
mother was working at the french ambassy at the same time. We were living in
Abidjan. I had never left France before. Suddenly I was diving in a totally
different culture with totally different people, a totally different climate,
and so on...

(end of quote)

The same quote in German:

Frederic Friedel: Elfenbeinküste, Guadeloupe... kannst Du uns mehr erzählen?

CT: Meine Eltern zogen zur Elfenbeinküste um, als ich 14 war. Mein Vater
arbeitete an der Errichtung einer der größten Universitäten Afrikas (in
Yamossoukro, Elfenbeinküste).

(end of the quote in German)

Conclusion: "eine Universität ERRICHTEN" means "to create or to foundate or to
build a university".

I hereby ask you to please explain why you denied here in CCC that you have
written that your 'father has founded a university in Africa'. I gave you the
quotes above and now you can enlighten us.

Why this is an attack against your father (something Czub insinuated)
is beyond my imagination.


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