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Subject: Re: No interdisciplinary at all, it's just about NN

Author: Rolf Tueschen

Date: 05:07:55 07/07/03

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On July 07, 2003 at 03:25:58, Andrei Fortuna wrote:

>On July 07, 2003 at 02:43:59, Christophe Theron wrote:
>>On July 07, 2003 at 01:27:34, Andrei Fortuna wrote:
>>>On July 06, 2003 at 17:10:55, Thorsten Czub wrote:
>>>>Rolf is the force we try to defend against since 1996.
>>>>as you can see we cannot do much against a mad person like him.
>>>Maybe this forum could be modified a tiny little bit : anyone who posts here his
>>>first message will have to wait until the moderators approve his message.
>>>Then ban Rolf and if he tries to appear under another name he will have to write
>>>first a message, wait until the moderators approve this message (and will have
>>>to be an innocent message which should be hard for him to write) which means 1-2
>>>days of delay, and then post his next attack, in which moment the moderators
>>>should be able to recognize him and ban his new account. Perhaps this would make
>>>his life so harder he would leave this club alone.
>>Yes I think this would work and I had the same idea myself.
>>But it's also more work for the moderators, and more work for Tim and Steve.
>Also more effort coding the changes to the forum.
>I was surprised to see Rolf attacking here a few days ago because I was under
>the impression that he was a problem that was taken care of (relative to posting
>on CCC, don't understand me otherwise :) )
>Still if I think twice this forum is peaceful compared to the fights that take
>place on newsgroups, even though I was attacked by one person when I posted some
>ideas - the others had on-topic and reasonable and nice comments - and this is
>why I love this place.

Could I ask you a peaceful question? Since you have created an offline reader
and online as well I assume that you can well reason with a minimum of logic.
Could you therefore tell me what you have in mind when you are writing that name
"Rolf"? Are you really serious when you use that term in a kind of insulting
manner? As if this "Rolf" were a figure like - say - Claude Bloodgood? Tell me
what you had in mind! Or is it normal for you to scapegoat innocent people if
your girlfriend left you or your evening meal didn't suit you? Is it a form of
hidden aggressivity? Anyways - just tell me a bit how you are doing. I ask
because I have that same prename by chance and dont understand the flame war
because I, also named Rolf, did NEVER before communicate with you! People might
think negatively about me because of the same prename...!


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