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Subject: Re: What to do if people start AD HOMINEM and then feel attacked???

Author: Rolf Tueschen

Date: 05:26:44 07/07/03

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On July 07, 2003 at 02:56:16, Christophe Theron wrote:

>At one point I decided that the thread was turning into complete garbage and
>decided not to continue the discussion anymore, and to NOT read whatever answer
>could be posted to my message.
>I don't feel any need to respond to any attack, as I am not even aware that
>there is an attack.

Funny: YOU attacked me of jumping into a thread about neural networks while I
allegedly had no idea, no knowledge about neural networks. This was a serious ad
hominem attack and at the same time bloody nonsense because I didn't write
something about neural networks but about _chess_ (the Subject was originally
'Chess and neural networks'). To demostrate how funny you usually argue I quoted
from your own contributions that you once wrote to the people that your father
had built a university in Africa. This was therefore strange because people
should say what they have studied but NOT what their _fathers_ had achieved.

After this message about your OWN message about your father you objected and
informed us that your father had NEVER built a university in Africa. And others
already informed the group that these messages about your father would mean
"pissing too much". Hehe.

So I gave exact _wording_ of your messages where you explained what your father
had done, then I asked you to explain your sudden objection. You didn't answer
me. But here you are now "explaining" that you were way too decent to even
remark when you (you!! - not _me_ whom you had attacked with your mean ad
hominem!) were attacked...

Christophe, are you still in Africa or somewhere else with a tropical climate?
Perhaps we can clarify your confusion?!

With best wishes,


>And I don't care because I'm sure the other people in this community know me
>since a long time and are not going to change their opinion about me. Anyway, if
>they are like me they really hate to read personal attacks and immediately stop
>reading the thread. Personal attacks induce disgust. The attacker looks
>disgusting in the eyes of the people reading the attack.
>That's why the attacker ultimately realizes he is talking... but alone.
>    Christophe

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