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Subject: Re: No interdisciplinary at all, it's just about NN

Author: alan palmer

Date: 16:23:20 07/07/03

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On July 07, 2003 at 04:47:34, Sune Fischer wrote:

>On July 07, 2003 at 02:37:49, Christophe Theron wrote:
>>On July 06, 2003 at 15:49:50, Sune Fischer wrote:
>>>On July 06, 2003 at 14:57:41, Andrei Fortuna wrote:
>>>>Can't you ban him from posting here ? I think it more or less breaks the first 3
>>>>rules of the messages allowed here (see the FAQ) : his posts are not about
>>>>computer chess, are abusive in nature and contain personal attacks on others.
>>>>Of course he can create another account with another name but that kind of takes
>>>>time and also I think his goal is to post that insulting posts under his name so
>>>>you'll it's from him.
>>>>Or don't ever respond to his posts. But this is hard to obey - when you're under
>>>>public attack it's hard to stay put and not to defend (not to mention the
>>>>prejudice that false claims make to your reputation).
>>>>Isn't this the reason that CCC was created ? Because too many personal attacks
>>>>were allowed on rgcc ?
>>>This place is moderated?
>>>I think we have moderators that don't moderate.
>>>Pretty much everything seems allowed, flaming and obnoxios post are being posted
>>>One problem is that some of these are regulars and "respected" as programmers.
>>>The moderators have no policy of their own, they never react without a
>>>complaint. "Oh no complaints so it must be allowed" seems to be their motto.
>>>Of course nobody wants to be a whiner and complain, so the tone just escalates
>>>and gets worse and worse.
>>>-just an observation-
>>I think the policy of moderating as little as possible is OK.
>>It has pretty well succeeded in avoiding real flame wars. It is not perfect but
>>CCC is -in my opinion- reasonably quiet.
>>    Christophe
>Probably because it takes two to start a real flame war.
>Sometimes you do see one side of the debate flaming, and the other side showing
>To tell you the truth I think moderation is okay in such cases, there is no
>reason why one should put with being called and idiot and not respond in the
>same tone. It is not easy to be civil when arguing with a savage.

Why doesn't everyone agree that no matter what he says we should ignore his
posts - it may be difficult but I can assure you that if ignored long enough he
will go away. Replies to him are like food, he will gulp them down and love
every minute. Starve him - he will soon waste away. Its all a matter of minds
games for him. Take aways his toys and he will die.

Just a thought.


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